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Discounts Overview
Discounts Overview

In the Marketing section of Finqu admin, you can create various discount campaigns to increase your sales.

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Where to add discounts

To add new discounts, go to Marketing > Add discount.

Discount types

Below, you can see a list of available discounts in Finqu. Click on a discount's name to see more detailed information.

Product discount

A product discount is a straightforward percentage discount that a customer gets from certain products.

Buy x, get y

With a buy x, get y discount, you can offer your customers free products if their purchase matches specific criteria - for example: Buy 2, Get 3.

Shipping discount

Shipping discount adds a percentage discount to the shipping costs. You can also create a free delivery limit with this one by adding a sum restriction and a 100 % discount.

Purchase discount

A discount based on the shopping cart's total amount - for example: Buy at least 100 €, get a 10% discount.

Loyalty discount

A loyalty discount is based on a customer's order history.

Discount codes

Customers can get a specific discount by entering a discount code on the online store's checkout page. Discount codes can also be used in Finqu POS.

There are four different types of discount codes based on how they function:

  1. Discount code for products

  2. Buy x, get y discount code

  3. Discount code for shipping costs

  4. Discount code for order's total sum

Combining discounts

By default, multiple discounts are not stacked together in Finqu. Instead, the store determines which discount is best for the customer and uses it.

However, if you want to combine discounts, you can do it in the Combine discounts section of each discount's settings.

Restricting discounts

Discounts have restrictions that allow you to choose the situations where the discount is valid. For example, you can limit your discounts by product, product group, or customer group. Restrictions can vary between different types of discounts.

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