Discount codes

Learn how to create discount codes for your customers.

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Adding a discount code

You can add discount codes by going to Marketing > Add discount > Create a discount code.

Next, you can choose the type of discount code you want to add:

  • A Product discount will reduce the price of the products in your order.

  • A Buy X, get Y discount code functions like a standard buy x, get y discount, except in this one, the customer needs to use the code.

  • A Shipping discount code grants a discount on the delivery costs.

  • A Discount code from cart total will reduce the total amount of the order.

Discount amount

Discount codes for products, delivery costs, and total amount give the customer a percentage or fixed discount. You can define the discount in the Discount amount section by selecting the type of discount (percentage or euro) and setting the discount amount.

Buy X, get Y code's discount

The amount of the Buy X, get Y discount code is set in the same way as in the general Buy X, get Y discount (see Buy X, get Y discount -article).

Discount code restrictions

The actual discount code can be defined in the Discount code field. You can write the code yourself or use the Generate code button on the right side of the field.

You can define the total number of codes and codes per customer in the appropriate fields.

The Minimum purchase option allows you to set the minimum amount a customer must purchase to use the code.

Other restrictions

You can also limit the code by other factors, such as the products a customer has in their shopping cart or the customer groups they belong to. You can set the restrictions you want using the functions on the page.

Example: discount code limited to products in the shirts group

Discount status, name, and description

In the Discount status field, you can choose whether the discount is active, and in the Name in admin field, you can set a name that will only be visible to you in the management.

In the Name and Description fields, you can set the name and description displayed to the customer who redeems the discount code.

Combining discounts

Under Combine discounts, you can choose whether the discount code can be used simultaneously with other discounts.

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