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Shipping discount
Shipping discount

With a shipping discount, you can offer customers a discount on delivery fees or free delivery if certain conditions are met.

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How to add a shipping discount

You can add a shipping discount by going to Marketing > Add discount > Shipping discount.

Details of the discount

Discount percentage/purchase limit

First, you can specify the discount percentage. If you set it to 100, the delivery costs will be removed entirely as long as all the discount conditions are met.

You can also set a minimum purchase amount above which the discount will be applied. Below is an example where the customer receives a 50% discount on delivery costs if the purchase amount is at least 100 €.

Other restrictions and validity period

In addition to the minimum purchase amount, you can limit the discount to a specific delivery method, products, manufacturers, product groups, countries, or customer groups using the available options on the page. The validity period allows you to select the period during which the discount is valid.

Discount status, name, and description

The Status field allows you to choose whether the discount is active or not, and the Name and Description fields allow you to set the name and description of the discount. The content of the Name in admin field is not visible to customers. That's for you to distinguish it from similar discounts in the future.

Combining a discount with other discounts

In the Combining discounts section, you can choose whether the discount can be used with other discounts. By default, these items are not selected, so the discounts are not stacked together, but instead, the best discount for the customer is used.

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