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Purchase discount
Purchase discount

With a purchase discount, the customer receives a discount when buying products for a certain amount.

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Adding a purchase discount

You can a new purchase discount by going to Marketing > Add discount > Purchase discount.

Type and amount of the discount

In the Type of discount section, you can select the type of discount (percentage or euro). You can then define one or more discount levels based on the amount of customers' shopping carts.

Below is an example where a customer receives a 5% discount for a purchase of 200 € or more and a 10% discount for a purchase of 500 € or more.

Restrictions and duration of the discount

If necessary, you can restrict the discount to specific products, manufacturers, product groups, customer groups, countries, or tags. You can also select a validity period for the discount from the date fields.

Discount's status, name, and description

In the Status field, you can choose whether the discount is active or not, and in the Name and Description fields, you can set the name and description of the discount. The content of the Name in admin field is not visible to your customers. In there, you can set a unique admin name to easily distinguish it from other similar offers later.

Combining discounts

In the Combining discounts section, you can choose whether the discount works at the same time as other discounts. By default, these items are not selected so that the customer does not receive multiple discounts. Instead, the shop will look for the best value discount for the customer.

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