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Loyalty discount
Loyalty discount

The loyalty discount allows you to offer customers discounts based on their purchase history.

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How to add a loyalty discount

To add a new loyalty discount, go to Marketing > Add discount > Loyalty discount.

Type and amount of the discount

Under Discount type, you can choose whether it is a percentage or a fixed discount and set the discount amounts and minimum amounts for orders.

Below is an example where a minimum purchase of 1000 € will receive a 5 % discount, and a minimum purchase of 10 000 € will receive a 10 % discount.

Purchase history

By default, the discount looks at the customer's purchase history for the last 12 months, but you can change the review period from the Purchase history section if you wish.

Restrictions and duration of the discount

If necessary, you can limit the discount so that it is only valid for certain products, manufacturers, product groups, customer groups, countries, or tags. You can also select a validity period from the date fields.

Discount status, name, and description

Under the Status section, you can select whether the discount is active and enter a name for the management of the sale. In the Description field, you can set the name and description to be displayed to customers.

Combining with other discounts

Under Combining discounts, you can choose whether the discount will work at the same time as other discounts. By default, these items are not selected, so the store will not combine discounts but will instead choose the best option for the customer.

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