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Product discount
Product discount

Product discount lets you easily add discounts to your products with certain restrictions such as product group or manufacturer.

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Adding a product discount

To add a new product discount, go to Marketing > Add discount > Product discount.

Discount's settings

Amount of the discount

In the Discount percentage field, you can enter the percentage of the discount.

Restrictions and duration of the discount

You can restrict the discount by using the available options on the page, such as products, manufacturers, product groups, customers, countries, or tags. You can also limit the discounts validity period from the date fields on the page.

Discount status, name, and description

The status field allows you to set the discount's status (active or not active). In the Name in admin field, you can set an administrative name for the campaign, which will not be visible to your customers.

In the Description section below the status, you can set the name and description that will be displayed to your customers.


Below is an example of a 25% discount that is restricted:

  • For products in the Shirts product group and

  • between dates 1.4.2023 - 30.4.2023

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