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Adding new user accounts
Adding new user accounts

You can add new users and user groups if someone else needs to use your account to edit products, or fulfill orders, for example.

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Where to add new user accounts?

You can add custom user accounts from Settings > Staff.

User groups

You must add at least one user group before you can add users. A user group determines which data the user has access to.

Adding a user group

  1. Click Add Group.

  2. You can select a pre-created template for the user group from the Create permissions from template menu. Alternatively, you can manually set the permissions (step 6).

  3. Enter a name for the user group.

  4. Select the sales channels that the members of the user group can use. If not selected, users will have access to all channels.

  5. You can manually select which data users can access in the Permissions section. This will override the default settings if you selected a predefined template in step 3.

  6. Click Save.

Adding a user account

Once a user group has been created, you can add new user accounts and associate them with groups.

  1. Click Add account.

  2. Fill in the user's email address, first name, and last name.

  3. Select the user group to which the user will be added.

  4. Click Confirm order.

Once created, the user will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to their Finqu account.

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