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Restrictions in payment methods
Restrictions in payment methods

Learn how to restrict the availability of payment methods in your online store.

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Adding restrictions

  1. Open the payment method you want to restrict.

  2. Set the desired restrictions from the menus displayed on the page (e.g., Shopping cart total, Products, or Product group),

  3. Click Save.

Information about restrictions

  1. Shopping cart total restriction restricts if the order amount does not fall within the limits you set.

  2. Countries restriction is based on the customer's country.

  3. Customers groups. You can limit the payment method for customers belonging to a specific customer group. Please note that using customer groups restriction also limits the payment method to those not logged in to the online store.

  4. Products or Product groups restrict if the shopping cart contains some of the selected products or products from the chosen product groups.

  5. Tags. You can limit the payment method based on the tags.

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