In the Carts section, you can view your customers' pending orders.

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What are incomplete shopping carts?

Under Sales > Carts, you can see all the pending shopping carts in your online store. A shopping cart is created each time a visitor to your site adds a product to their shopping cart. It is normal to have many pending shopping carts if you have many visitors to your site.

As with regular orders, you can filter and search for shopping baskets using the Filters menu and the search bar at the top of the page.

Shopping cart details

You can open your shopping cart details by clicking on it in the list. You can see, for example, which products the customer is buying and which payment method they have chosen.

The information in the shopping cart depends on what the customer has done in the online store. Some carts may contain only one product without the customer's details, and some may include the customer's full contact details. The order information is updated as the customer proceeds with the order in the online shop.

Products' reservations time

In the Product Reservation section of the shopping cart, you can see the products' reservation time. The online store always has a specific reservation time for shopping baskets, which you can set in the sales channel's settings.

The products in the shopping cart are automatically released for resale at the end of the reservation time unless an order has been created in Finqu Admin or Finqu POS, where the products are reserved until the reservation is manually deleted.

If you wish, you can delete the reservation manually by clicking on the Remove Reservation link. Once the reservation has been deleted, an Extend button will appear on the page. You can click on it to re-book the products for 30 days.

Sending carts to customers

If your Finqu subscription includes the Send Shopping Cart feature, you can send the shopping cart to your customer's email by clicking Send Cart link. This is useful, for example, if you create a shopping cart for a customer in the admin area, but the customer wants to pay for it online.

Placing an order in Finqu admin

You can place an order in Finqu admin by clicking the Place Order button on the shopping cart's page. This may be necessary if the customer has paid, but the online store has not received a confirmation from the payment service provider (because of some technical problems, for example).


If you manually place an order, please ensure that payment has been made. You can see the payment details in the payment section of the shopping cart or via the payment provider's website.

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