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Connecting Zettle payment terminal to Finqu POS
Connecting Zettle payment terminal to Finqu POS

This is how you connect your Zettle payment terminal to Finqu POS.

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About Zettle and Finqu POS

  • Zettle is a company that sells payment terminals. Their device (Zettle Reader 2) can be connected to Finqu POS. You can read more about Zettle on Zettle's website.

  • Finqu POS is a POS software for stores, trade fairs, or events. You can read more about Finqu POS on our support pages.

How to connect Zettle to Finqu POS

  1. First, connect your Zettle device via Bluetooth to the tablet or phone you use Finqu POS with.

  2. In the Finqu POS app, go to Settings > Payments from the top left menu.

  3. Select Zettle as the payment terminal.

  4. Exit the settings.

  5. Make sure that Finqu POS has the Payment terminal payment method.

    1. Go to POS management -->

    2. Go to Online Store > Payment methods

    3. Add a payment method called Payment terminal in the Own payment methods section.

  6. Return to Finqu POS, add an item to the basket in the checkout, and pay by payment card.

  7. Finqu POS and Zettle's payment terminal will connect the first time you make a payment. Follow the instructions on the screen.

  8. Once the payment terminal is connected, you can complete the payment and ensure everything is working correctly.

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