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Connecting Star mPop to Finqu POS
Connecting Star mPop to Finqu POS

Instructions for connecting Star mPop cash register to Finqu POS app.

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Star mPop

The Star mPop cash drawer/receipt printer is compatible with Finqu POS. You can find more information about the device here on the manufacturer's website:

Tablet or phone

To use Star mPop, you need a compatible tablet or phone. A tablet is usually better because it has a larger screen.

Connecting Star mPop

  1. Connect your device to mPop via Bluetooth.

  2. Open the Finqu POS app on your device.

  3. Log in to Finqu POS.

  4. Open the top left menu.

  5. Go to Settings > Connect devices.

  6. Choose Star Micronics.

  7. Check the settings on the page.

  8. Tap the Connect button.

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