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Connecting Nets terminal to Finqu POS
Connecting Nets terminal to Finqu POS

Here's how you can connect Nets Move 3500 payment terminal to Finqu POS app.

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Device issues

This article explains how to connect the Nets Move 3500 terminal to Finqu POS, requiring that all necessary devices and connections (iOS device, wifi network, internet connection, Finqu POS app, and Nets Move 3500 terminal) are set up correctly. In case of possible network/device problems, it is also advisable to contact the local IT support, who can visit the site if necessary.

Good to know

  • The integration does not transfer customer card data from the Nets terminal to Finqu POS at any point. It only sends a confirmation of whether the payment has been accepted or not.

  • The integration is available in the Finqu POS app, which can be downloaded from Apple's App Store or Google Play.

  • The terminal is connected via the internet, so you will need a working internet connection and a router to use the Nets terminal with Finqu POS.

Connecting the Nets payment terminal

  1. Find your local network IP address in the tablet's or phone's settings.

  2. Read the merchant card in the payment terminal.

  3. In the payment terminal, go to section 6 Parameters.

  4. Select 1 Change.

  5. Select 3 POS.

  6. Check that the settings are set accordingly:
    - POS: Yes
    - Comm. type: IP Wifi
    - ECR IP address: Tablet's or phone's address on the local network

  7. Press the red button to exit the settings.

  8. The terminal will restart.

  9. In the Finqu POS app, go to Settings > Connect devices > Nets.

  10. Select Connect to terminal. The application will indicate the connection status as "Connected" if the connection is successful.

  11. In the Finqu POS application, go to Settings > Payment > Payment terminal and select Nets from the list.

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