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Finqu POS and Nets - Beginners guide
Finqu POS and Nets - Beginners guide

This is a beginners guide for users of the Nets Move 3500 payment terminal to set up Finqu POS.

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1. Opening a Finqu account

To use Finqu POS, you should have a Finqu account. You can open it as follows:

  1. Enter your email address, choose a password for your Finqu account, and enter the store's name.

  2. Accept the privacy policy and click on the Create your Store button.

Next, select the appropriate Finqu subscription. You can read more about them in the price list. The subscription choice is not final; you can change it later if necessary.

After selecting a subscription, you will be asked for your contact details. Please fill in the form and click Go to your shop. After a few seconds, you will be automatically redirected to Finqu's administration.

2. Finqu POS channel

If you select POS when opening your Finqu account, you will automatically be opened in the correct type of store channel to use Finqu POS. If you do not see a Point Of Sale channel, you can add one by going to Sales Channels from the top right corner menu and in there, click Order a new sales channel button.

If you don't need an online store and your account has one, you can close it in the Sales Channels section by clicking the Close button under Online Store.

3. Finqu admin, products, and payment methods

Once you have opened your Finqu account and POS channel, you can edit the products and other store-related settings in Finqu admin.

  • You can add products for sale from the Products section of the left menu. You can find more detailed product management instructions on the Finqu support page.

  • Payment methods can be added under Point Of Sale > Payment methods > Add payment method. To use the Nets payment terminal, the channel should have the Payment terminal payment method enabled.

4. Installing Finqu POS app

Finqu POS is operated through Finqu POS app, which you can download from either the Apple AppStore or Google Play store.

Once you have installed the app, you can next log in to the app. The login will use the same credentials (email/password) you set up when you registered Finqu.

The POS will also ask you for your merchant PIN. You can find your PIN code in Finqu Management under Point Of Sale > Cashiers > Click on the cashier's name.

5. Connecting to the Nets Move 3500 payment terminal

The last step in the setup process is to connect the Nets payment terminal to the Finqu POS. You can find a separate guide here 👉 Connecting Nets terminal to Finqu POS.

6. Connecting to other devices

You can also connect a Star mPOP POS device or a Star Mc-print3 printer to the Finqu POS application. To connect, go to the menu in the top left of the Finqu POS application and select Settings > Connect devices.

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