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Managing cashiers and cash registers
Managing cashiers and cash registers

Finqu POS can be set up on multiple devices, and it can be used by several cashiers simultaneously.

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Cashier management

  1. Go to the section Point Of Sale > Cashiers.

  2. Click on the name to see the details of the cashier, and click on the Add button to add new ones.

  3. On each cashier's page, you can make the following changes.
    - Select whether the cashier is active or not. Only activated cashiers can use the cash register
    - Set the name of the Cashier and edit the PIN code that the cashier uses when logging in to the cash register.
    - Associate the correct user account with the cashier.

  4. Once the changes are made, click Save.

Staff (user) accounts and cashiers

A new cashier should first have a staff account added to Finqu. For more information, see the Adding new user accounts article.

Adding new cash registers

If your store needs more than one cash register, you can add new cash registers as follows:

  1. Click Add.

  2. Set a name for the cash register.

  3. Click Save.

Once a cash register has been added, you can select it when logging into the Finqu POS application

Managing devices

Under Point Of Sale > Devices, you will see a list of all devices used with the Finqu POS application. Each device has a Usage Authorized switch to disable the device if necessary. This may become necessary, for example, if a device is no longer being used or has been lost or stolen.

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