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Managing Finqu subscription
Managing Finqu subscription

Your Finqu plan determines what features are available to you. In this article, we'll tell you how to manage your subscription.

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Finqu pricing

For information on the features and prices of Finqu's different price plans, please see Finqu's price list at

Changing your subscription

If you wish, you can change your subscription as follows:

  1. Go to Subscription in the top right corner menu.

  2. Click on the Change Plan button.

  3. Select a new plan and click Confirm order.

The new plan will be activated immediately. In your next invoice, the old and new plan prices will be automatically calculated from the dates you've used them.

Terminating a Finqu subscription

If you want to stop using Finqu, you can cancel your subscription by going to Subscription in the top right corner menu and then clicking the Cancel my subscription button. Follow the instructions on the page and carefully read the cancellation details and dates.

Data on terminated accounts will be deleted

The data stored in your Finqu account will be deleted within approximately two months of the termination. After that, they cannot be recovered. Please download all the data you might need into your device or other safe place. If you want, you can also use CSV export to save data.

Good to know about termination

  • The termination of your Finqu account will only terminate the contract with Finqu. Other related services, such as payment services, logistic services, or services related to sales and marketing should be terminated separately.

  • If you have registered a domain via Finqu, Finqu will no longer maintain the domain after your Finqu account is closed. You will receive an email message from a company called Netim, and you can then manage your domain in their service, or transfer your domain to another provider.

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