Products' reservation time

The product reservation period determines how long products are reserved for the customer.

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How does reservation time work

When a customer goes to the checkout page of the online store, products are reserved for the customer for a certain period of time. You can adjust the reservations time as follows:

  1. Set the reservation time (in minutes) in the Products reservation time field.

  2. Click Save.

Here is how the reservation time works if, for example, two customers are trying to buy the same last product in the store:

  1. Customer A proceeds to the checkout page to buy a product.

  2. If customer B has the same product in his shopping cart, he will be informed at the checkout that the product is no longer available. Customer A can buy the product.

  3. If customer A does not buy the product, customer B (and other customers) will have the product available as soon as the reservation time expires.

Reservation time in Finqu admin

The reservation period is also displayed in shopping carts. You can manually remove a reservation from a shopping cart's products, but in most cases, it is not necessary, as the reservation will be automatically removed when it expires.

Reservation time for shopping carts created via administration or Finqu POS

If a shopping cart has been created through the online store's administration or Finqu POS application, the products are reserved indefinitely. This reservation can only be removed by explicitly deleting it from the shopping cart's details.

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