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Editing orders
Creating orders in Finqu admin
Creating orders in Finqu admin

You can also place orders on behalf of customers if they want to place an order by phone, for example.

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Creating an order

  1. Go to Sales.

  2. Click on the New Cart button.

  3. Fill in the customer details by clicking the Edit link in the Customer section.

  4. Next, you can add the products, payment, and delivery method by clicking the Edit button at the top.

Confirming the order

There are two ways to confirm an order in Finqu admin:

  1. You can send the order to the customer's email, which allows the customer to confirm and pay for the order on the checkout page of the online store (see below for more information πŸ‘‡).

  2. If you do not send the shopping cart to the customer, you can confirm the order by clicking the Place Order button. Please note that in this case, the customer cannot pay for the order in the online shop. Payment should be received separately.

Sending a shopping cart to the customer

If you have the Send Cart feature in your Finqu subscription, you can send the cart to the customer by clicking the Send Cart button. The customer can then pay for the order using the link in the message.

When you send the shopping cart, you can redirect the customer to the online store or checkout page. Being redirected to the online store means that the customer can still change the content of their order (e.g., change/add new products). If you redirect the customer to the checkout page, they cannot edit their order.

The Shopping Cart Sendind feature is available in Finqu Grow, Pro, and Plus subscriptions and in some subscriptions launched before 2023. If you wish, you can upgrade your package if shopping basket delivery is unavailable.

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