Cart rescue

Cart rescue helps you to decrease the amount of abandoned shopping carts.

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What is cart rescue?

The Cart rescue in Finqu is a useful feature that encourages customers to confirm their orders. In practice, it's an automatic email sent to your customer after a certain delay (if they have visited the checkout page and are yet to confirm their order).

Setting up the Cart rescue

  1. Activate the Cart rescue message.

  2. Click Save.

You can see all the settings of the Cart rescue message by clicking on its name.


  • The Message content section shows a preview of the message. You will find Translate and Edit buttons in the top right corner to edit the message content.

  • You can add attachments (e.g., PDF files) to your email in the Attachments section.

  • In the Message delivery settings, you can choose how the message is sent and set a delay for the message. The online shop will send a message to the customer when the products have been reserved and the delay has expired.

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