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Order management overview
Order management overview

In the Sales section, you can manage orders, incomplete shopping carts, returns and purchased gift cards.

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You can view the orders in the Sales section.

  • You can search for orders using the search function at the top of the list. You can search by customer name or order number (type the number like this with a hashtag: #1234). At the top of the page, there is a Filters menu allowing you to filter the list (for example, by payment method or order status).

  • You can access the order details by clicking on the order in the list.


The Sales > Carts section lists all orders that are not incomplete.

  • The online store creates a shopping cart when the customer adds the first item to the shopping cart. If your site has a lot of visitors, it is customary to have a lot of shopping carts.

  • Incomplete shopping carts are helpful, for example, when a customer has problems with an order. By opening the shopping cart details, you can see what products the customer has in their shopping cart or which payment method they have chosen.


In the Sales > Returns section, you will find a list of all returns made on orders.

Gift cards

In the Sales > Gift Cards section, you can see a list of all the gift cards sold to customers.

  • You can check if there is any value left on a gift card and open the order where the gift card was purchased.

  • Gift cards also allow you to resend the gift card to the customer or invalidate the gift card. You can access these functions from the bulk functions menu. First, select the gift cards you want to edit, and then a Bulk Actions menu will appear above the gift card list.

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