Creating returns

You can create returns in Finqu admin if a customer wants to return the ordered products.

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About returns

If a customer wishes to return products, you can create a return via the order page. This will keep your sales report up to date and your stock levels correct.

Depending on the status of the order, you may only sometimes be able to make a return. You can choose one of the following options:

  1. If the order has already been fulfilled, you can create a return for the order following the instructions on this page.

  2. If the order is not fulfilled, you can cancel the order instead of creating a return.

  3. If the customer wants to return only part of the order (before processing), you can edit the order and then process the order with new products.

Creating a return

  1. Go to Sales.

  2. Find and open the order.

  3. Click Create Return.

  4. Select the products you want to return and fill in their details (see list below).

  5. Select Order Status after Return.

  6. Click Return.

Details of the returned products

When you mark products as returned, you can add the following information:

  • In the Quantity field, you can specify the quantity of products to be returned.

  • In the Sum field, you can set the price of the products to be returned. By default, it is calculated from the quantity and price of the product, but you can also adjust it manually.

  • Select the Reason for the return.

  • From the Type menu, you can select the type of return. The type determines whether stock quantities are restored or not. You can choose one of the following types:

    • Select Return to Storage if you can resell the products to other customers (this will restore the stock quantity).

    • Select Check if you need to check the products after the return (this will not restore the stock quantity).

    • Select Repair if the products need to be repaired (this will not reset the stock level).

    • Select Wastage if you cannot resell the products (this will not reset the stock level).

  • You can enter a description of the product to be returned in the Description field.

Refunding the payment

If you use the Klarna Checkout payment service, your payment will be automatically refunded. You can check the refund by looking at the payment section of the original order. There should be a refund line showing the amount to be refunded.

If you use another payment service, such as PayPal, Visma Pay, Paytrail, or Verifone Blucommerce, you can manually make the refund in the service provider's service.

Viewing returns

Refunds made on orders are displayed in the Sales > Returns section of your admin. From there, you can open a return, change its status and, if necessary, print a refund receipt for the customer.

Sending return receipt automatically

When you process a return, the customer automatically receives a notification. They will get a message titled "Return Received". If you wish, you can customize this message to include a receipt of the return as an attachment.

  1. Go to Online Store > Settings > Purchasing > Messages: Edit.

  2. Click Return received.

  3. Choose Credit note from the Prints-section.

  4. Save the message's settings.

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