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Customizable sales report
Customizable sales report

Here's how you can create a customizable sales report in Finqu admin.

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A customizable sales report gives you more detailed information about your sales than a standard sales report. For example, you can see information on sales for different product groups or customer groups if you wish.

Report's availability

The customizable sales report is only available for Finqu subscriptions that include the Advanced Reporting feature. You can read more about subscriptions and their features from the price list.

Creating a report

  1. Select the Customizable sales report.

  2. Select the report type (HTML/CSV).

  3. Set the From and To dates. The report will only include orders placed between these dates.

  4. Select the report's restrictions and details (more details below).

  5. Click Create Report.

  6. Once the report is created, it will appear on the page.

  7. You can download the report by clicking the Download button.

Report settings

When you create a report, you can select restrictions from the menus on the page. For example, you can restrict the report to include only orders placed by a specific group of customers. You can also choose what information is displayed in the report. For example, you can see a breakdown of sales by payment method.

With the Daily breakdown instead of event breakdown option, you can choose whether the report shows a list of all orders or a list of sales per day.

The Also include returns made on orders outside the given conditions option allows you to include all returns in the report. The report will not include returns made outside your set period if this option is not selected.

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