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Editing orders

Editing an order may be necessary, for example, if the customer wants to change the products they have ordered.

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Order editing and customer's payment

Please note that editing an order in Finqu does not change the payment made by the customer. If the total amount of the order changes, the customer should be charged separately or refunded if the amount decreases.

How to edit an order

  1. Go to Sales.

  2. Find and open the order you want to edit.

  3. Click Edit.

If you do not see an Edit button on the order page, the order may have already been fulfilled. You cannot edit a fulfilled order, but you can cancel it and copy it.

Adding new products

On the Edit page are Product Groups and Product Search sections, where you can add new products to your order.

Editing the products in the order

In the Cart section, you can see the contents of the shopping cart (products, payment method, delivery method, discounts). Click on the product name to edit the quantity, add a discount, or remove a product from the shopping cart.

Changing payment or shipping methods

If you want to change an order's payment or delivery method, you must first remove it (click on the name and click on remove). Once removed, click Add and select a new payment or delivery method from the menu.

The payment status affects the deletion.

You can only delete a payment method if its status is one of the following: rejected, refunded, canceled, pending, waiting, reminded, in debt collection, or to account. To change the status of a payment, go back to the order page and click on the Change Status button in the payment section.

Adding discounts or discount codes

You can also add discounts or discount codes to the order. Click Add and select Discount or Coupon. When you add a discount, you can choose whether it is a fixed or a percentage discount. You can also decide whether it applies to the total amount of the order or only to the products/delivery costs.

To add vouchers, you need to have created them in advance in the Marketing section.

Read more about discount codes here: Discount codes.

Saving changes

All changes are automatically saved. After making changes, you can return to the order page by clicking on the Order link at the top of the editing page.

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