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Setting up Klarna Checkout
Setting up Klarna Checkout

Learn how to set up Klarna Checkout solution for your Finqu online store.

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About Klarna Checkout

Klarna Checkout (KCO) is a checkout solution for online shops, including several payment methods. In Finland, it can be used for online bank payments, card payments, invoices, and part payments.

If you sell to multiple countries, it's good to read Klarna's Selling to multiple countries article for more information about payment methods in other countries.

Klarna FAQ

You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Klarna in the Klarna Checkout and Finqu: FAQ article.

How to set up Klarna Checkout

The Klarna Checkout payment solution is ordered for you when you subscribe to Finqu.

Once you have subscribed to Finqu, it's a good idea to follow the Klarna status under the section Online store > Payment methods. Through this section, you can also fill out additional information required by Klarna to finalize the agreement.

Functions in the Klarna application

From the menu in the top right corner, you can find the section Applications, through which you can bring up the Klarna application page. The application includes a Functions menu, listing information and functions below. Normally, you don't need them, but for example, in certain problem situations, it might be necessary to order new credentials or reinstall the payment method.

  • Show account information.

  • From the Order new credentials option, you can order new credentials for Klarna Checkout. You may need to do this if Klarna Checkout is not working properly.

  • From the Klarna Shipping Assistant option, you can find information about Klarnas services for shipments.

  • From the Reinstall payment method -option, you can reinstall Klarna Checkout payment method if it does not work correctly.

  • The Start over option allows you to start the whole Klarna Checkout setup from scratch if your application was previously rejected

There is also a Klarna Merchant Portal button on the app page, which will take you to the Klarna Merchant Portal. In the portal, you will find more detailed information about your Klarna account, payments, and settlements. Klarna's merchant support will be able to guide you further on how to use the portal.

Other payment methods and Klarna Checkout

The following payment methods can be used simultaneously with Klarna Checkout:

Unfortunately, other payment methods, such as merchant's own invoice or pay on pickup, cannot be used at the same time as Klarna Checkout in Finqu.

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