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Checkout page settings
Checkout page settings

In the e-commerce checkout settings, you can control how the checkout page works and how it looks.

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Where to edit the settings?

You can edit the checkout page settings in section Settings > Checkout.

Settings explained

  • From the Display payment methods / Display delivery methods menus, you can choose whether the checkout page shows all or only available payment/delivery options for customers.

  • The Allowed customer types menu allows you to choose whether to sell to individuals, businesses, or both.

  • The Require customer to agree to shipping policy option adds a separate checkbox to the checkout, which allows the customer to accept the shipping policy. Otherwise, the checkout will only display a link to the policy and a text stating that the customer accepts them by confirming the order.

  • The Require customer consent to processing of personal data checkbox adds a checkbox to the checkout page to give consent to the processing of their personal data. When customers fill in their contact details on the checkout page, the data will be stored in your Finqu account. If you are selling in the EU, it is recommended to keep this setting enabled due to the EU:s GDPR regulations.

  • The Show newsletter subscription option adds a newsletter subscription checkbox to the checkout page, which allows customers to subscribe to your newsletter. If you do not use newsletters, it is a good idea to turn this option off.

  • Allow a separate delivery address option allows your customers to add an alternative delivery address on the checkout page.

  • From the Coupon claim menu, you can choose whether to display a discount code field at the checkout page.

  • The Enable multiple coupons in checkout option allows you to choose whether customers can use multiple discount codes on the same order.

  • In the Javascript section, you can add your own JavaScript codes to the checkout page, or the thank you page.

  • In the Reservation time field, you can edit the products' reservation time.

  • The Theme section allows you to choose a theme colour and background image for the checkout page.

  • The Translations section allows you to edit all texts in the checkout, such as headings and info texts.

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