Product reviews

The product reviews feature allows you to control how product reviews work in your online store.

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Product review settings

You can edit the product review settings in section Online Store > Settings > Products. There's a Products section where you can choose how product reviews work in your online store. You can choose from these three options:

  • Disabled (visitors cannot leave reviews)

  • Allowed (visitors can leave reviews, which will be published automatically).

  • Moderated (visitors can leave reviews, and you can choose which ones are published)

If you choose Allowed or Moderated above, you can also decide who can post reviews:

  • every visitor to your site,

  • visitors who have bought your product,

  • registered users on your site,

  • registered visitors who have purchased the product.

Notification about new reviews

With reviews enabled, you can receive a notification whenever someone has left a review. You need to set the Product Review notification as active in your notification settings to receive a notification.

Managing reviews on the product page

On the product page in Finqu's admin, you will find a Product Reviews section where you can manage reviews. You can accept or hide a review. Or, if necessary, you can delete the review by clicking on the ๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ icon.

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