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Learn how to sell your products using the Buy Button.

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What is a Buy Button?

The Buy Button is one of Finqu's sales channels. For example, you can add a button on your website that lets visitors click on it to buy a specific product. The button can also be retrieved as a simple link or QR code that allows the user to purchase the product.

How to open a Buy Button channel

You should create a buy button channel for the buy button to work. You can do this as follows:

  1. Go to Settings from the bottom left of the admin panel.

  2. From the left, go to Sales Channels.

  3. From the top right, click the Order a new sales channel button.

  4. Choose Buy Button and confirm the subscription.

Once the buy button channel is opened, it will appear in the top left, where you can access its admin pages.

Creating Buy Buttons

You can create buy buttons by going to Products and clicking the Buy Button next to the product. From there, you can select the option you want and copy the button code or link to the location you wish to (e.g., homepage / Facebook post)

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