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Online store's payment methods
Online store's payment methods

By default, the Finqu online store uses Klarna Checkout. If necessary, you can also use other payment services or custom payment methods.

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Klarna Checkout

By default, the Finqu online store uses Klarna Checkout, which includes online banking, card payments, invoice, and part payments. Klarna Checkout is automatically setup when you subscribe to Finqu.

Klarna activation takes a few days to a week, depending on how quickly Klarna processes your application. You can monitor the activation of your Klarna subscription in Finqu admin under Settings > Apps > Klarna > Klarna Checkout: Manage.

Other payment services

If you want to use another payment service in your online store, such as Paytrail or Svea Payments, you can activate them by going to Settings > Payment methods and clicking the Add other payment method button. You will then be guided step-by-step through setting up the application and payment method.

To use other payment services, you will need to create a separate agreement with your payment service provider. You will then receive the necessary API credentials from the provider to install the payment service.

Custom payment methods

You can also install your own custom payment methods in your store, for example if you want to send invoices customers separately using your own billing system or if customers pay when they pick up their orders. To set up your own payment method, go to Settings > Payment methods and click on the Add payment method button under Own payment methods.

When using Klarna Checkout, you cannot use your own payment methods at the same time.

Gift card

If you want to accept gift card payments, you can add a gift card payment method to your shop. You can learn more about gift cards in the Gift Cards article.

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