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Klarna Checkout and Finqu: FAQ
Klarna Checkout and Finqu: FAQ

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about using Klarna Checkout with Finqu

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What is Klarna Checkout?

Klarna Checkout is an e-commerce checkout solution. You can read more about Klarna Checkout on Klarna's website.

What payment methods does Klarna Checkout include?

In Finland, Klarna Checkout offers the following payment methods:

  • Online banks

  • Payment cards

  • Invoices and part payments.

The available payment methods vary from country to country. For more information on payment methods in different countries, please refer to Klarna's documentation.

You can also use the Paypal payment method and gift cards simultaneously as Klarna Checkout.

Why does Klarna ask for the customer's social security number?

Klarna must verify the customer's identity if they pay by invoice or part payment. For other payment methods, this information is optional.

If you do not want to be asked for your ID for all payment methods, you can edit the payment method settings in Online Store > Payment methods > Klarna Checkout: Settings.

How long will it take for the payments to function in my online store?

Subscribing to the Finqu service will also start Klarna Checkout. It usually takes 2 - 3 days for Klarna to process the application. After that, customers can pay with Klarna in your online shop.

You can follow the status on the Klarna app page here, or if necessary, you can always contact Klarna merchant support for more information.

Where can I give my bank account number?

On the Klarna app page, there is a Fill in details button. This button will appear after Klarna has authorized payments in the online store. Click on the button to fill in your account details for Klarna.

Why does Klarna ask for information about the owners of my business?

In the EU, financial institutions are required to collect information on the owners of client companies. Therefore, you need to fill in an AML (anti money laundering) form by clicking on the Fill in details button on the Klarna app page.

You can find more information about the AML form on Klarna's website here.

How often will Klarna pay me?

Klarna will pay you once a week. Invoices are usually sent at the beginning of each week, meaning the money should be in your account by Tuesday or Wednesday.

The payment includes orders placed during the last week.

Notice that orders should be fulfilled to receive settlements from Klarna.

Instructions: Fulfilling an order

Why haven't I received any settlements from Klarna?

The following reasons may be the reason for a lack of settlements:

  • You have not yet filled in the AML form, or Klarna has not yet processed it. You need to fill it in before Klarna can transfer funds to your company. You can find the form by clicking the Fill in Details button on the Klarna app page here.

  • Orders still need to be fulfilled. You must fulfill the orders by following the instructions in the Fulfilling an Order guide. The money from the fulfilled orders will be settled the following week.

You can also inquire about payments from Klarna's merchant support if necessary.

What does the payment authorization mean?

When a customer confirms an order in the online store, Klarna first creates an authorization for the payment. Later, when you fulfill the order and ship the products to the customer, the payment is activated. By default, payment authorization is valid for 28 days, meaning you have 28 days to fulfill the order. If sending the items to the customer takes longer, you can extend the authorization duration.

You must first authorize the extension from Klarna's end to extend the payment authorization in Finqu. If it is OK with Klarna, you can extend the time by clicking on the payment's gear icon (on the order page) and then the Continue button.

How can I remove a payment authorization?

If the customer wishes to cancel the order before it is fulfilled, you should remove the payment authorization. If the customer has paid by online banking or payment card, the money will only be refunded after the authorization has expired or been removed.

You can remove the authorization as follows:

  1. Click on the wheel icon on the order page (under the Klarna payment method).

  2. Turn off automatic capture and click Close.

  3. Click Refund.

  4. Click Cancel Order.

How can I refund the customer?

The refund method depends on the status of the order.

  • If the order has been processed, you can create a return for the order. This will automatically generate a refund for the Klarna payment. After the refund, you can also check that the refund has been created correctly. You should see a refunded row in the Klarna payment summary if it is OK.

  • If the order has not been processed, you can cancel the order. Also, remember after cancellation to remove the cover charge from the payment.

  • If the order shows a message that automatic capturing is turned off, you can click the Capture button in the message. This will allow you to create a capture or remove the authorization if payment has not yet been made.

What do I do if the automatic capturing is disabled?

If you have edited an order paid with Klarna, automatic capturing will be turned off. This is because the amounts in the order may not match those in the Klarna service. Therefore, it can no longer be captured automatically.

When automatic capturing is deactivated, you can manually capture the sum by clicking the Capture button. If necessary, you can also create refunds (Refund button) or edit the amounts (from the blue Edit Order link).

How do I add Klarna part payment or other Klarna banners to my online store?

Most provide Klarna's features such as part payment information or other Klarna's promotional banners. You can add them to your online store by copying an ID number from Klarna merchant portal to your Finqu online store's theme's settings.

You can find the ID from Klarna by following these steps:

  1. Go to Klarna merchant portal:

  2. Go to section Conversion Boosters > On site messaging > Installation

  3. Choose your store from the menu and click Get Started.

  4. Give your online store's address to the field.

  5. There is a code snippet on the page (see example image below). The 'data-client-id' is your Klarna ID. Please notice that the code on the image is only an example.

  6. Copy the ID between quotes in your merchant portal.

Next, you can add the ID to your theme's settings in Finqu by following these steps:

  1. Go to Online store > Edit.

  2. Go to Settings from the left menu.

  3. Find the field where you can add Klarna's ID. For example, in Cora theme it is under the General section. There's a Klarna client ID field where you can paste the ID.

After you have added the ID to the theme, you can access various Klarna add banners (through sections by clicking + buttons in the editor). Also, the product page usually has a small Klarna add giving an example of a part payment costs. The available features depend on the theme you are using.

Where can I log in to the Klarna Merchant Portal?

If you need help logging in, Klarna's merchant support can help you.

How can I contact Klarna Merchant Support?

You can find Klarna's contact details on the Klarna website here:

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