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How to use Verifone Bluecommerce payments in Finqu.

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About Verifone Bluecommerce

You can find out more about Verifone Bluecommerce on their website at

Setting up Verifone Bluecommerce

1. Install the Verifone Bluecommerce app

  1. Choose Apps from the menu at the top right corner.

  2. Click on the Install app button.

  3. Click on Verifone Bluecommerce.

  4. Click on the Install app button.

  5. The app needs access to your Finqu account. Click on the Allow access button to continue installing the app.

2. Install the Verifone Bluecommerce payment method

  1. Click the Add button next to Verifone Bluecommerce.

  2. Enter the Merchant ID (EC code) you received from Verifone in the field displayed on the page.

  3. Copy the Public key and the Delayed success URL from the page.

  4. Click the Save button.

3. Enter the data in Verifone's service

Next, you should copy the public key and the Delayed success URL to Verifone and also adjust other necessary settings there.

  1. There is an Ecommerce > Merchant Settings > Edit section in the Verifone's admin panel where you can add the public key and delayed success URL.

  2. Also, set the public key change date and account number in Verifone.

  3. Enter your business' bank account number so that Verifone can make payments to your business.

Notify Verifone when you have completed the information. Verifone will only activate the payments after you have informed Verifone that you have filled in the necessary information.

You can notify them by e-mail at [email protected]

Testing the payment method

Once you have set up the payment method, testing how it works in the online store is a good idea. Add a product to your shopping cart, proceed to the checkout page, and pay for your order. If you were able to pay, the payment method was installed correctly.

In case of problems, ensure that the Merchant ID and Secret key you entered are correct.

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