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Verifone BlueCommerce is one of the payment services that are compatible with Finqu. Verifone can provide direct bank transfers, card payments, and invoice/part payments in your online store.


Installing the app

First, you need to install the Verifone app in Finqu's app store. For further details, see the How to use apps article.

Adding the payment method

  1. Click the Choose button next to Verifone Bluecommerce.

  2. Fill in the merchant ID (beginning with EC...) into the field on the page.

  3. Copy the delayed success URL and public key somewhere on your device or keep the page opened. You'll be needing those in the next phase.

  4. Click Save.

Adding the public key and delayed success URL in Verifone

Next, you need to copy the public key and delayed success URL into Verifone's service and change some other settings:

  1. In Verifone's service, you'll find section Ecommerce > Merchant settings > Edit where you can add the public key and the delayed success URL.

  2. Set also the expiration date to the public key.

  3. Add your bank account number there as well so that Verifone can pay you settlements for the orders.

Let Verifone know when you have filled in the details. Only after that Verifone can activate the payments, and customers are then able to pay with Verifone.

You can let them know via email ([email protected]).


It's worthwhile to make one test purchase after you've set up Verifone's payments. By doing so, you can make sure that the payment method is properly installed.

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