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Payment methods in Finqu POS
Payment methods in Finqu POS

The most common payment methods in Finqu POS are card payments, cash and gift cards.

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Adding payment methods

Here is how you can add new payment methods to your Finqu POS.

  1. Go to Settings > Payment methods in Finqu admin.

  2. Click on Add payment method.

  3. Select the payment method you want to add.

  4. Fill in the payment method details and click Save.

About payment methods

Card payments

Card payments can be received using a payment terminal. The following payment terminals can be connected to the Finqu POS:

You can also use other payment terminals, but when using them, the amount of the purchase needs to be manually entered into the payment terminal.


For cash payment, you will need a cash register device. Star Micronics mPop is compatible with Finqu POS, and you can connect it by following the instructions in the article Connecting Star mPop to Finqu POS.

Gift cards

You can read about gift cards in the Gift Cards article.

Payment link

Finqu POS also allows you to use third-party online payment services such as Paypal or Klarna. If the customer wants to pay online, a payment link will be sent to their email. The customer can then confirm the payment on their device. Once the payment has been made, the order is automatically confirmed in Finqu POS.

For more information on compatible payment services, please see Payment apps.

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