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Migrating online store to Finqu
Migrating online store to Finqu

Tips for moving your online store to Finqu.

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Redirects (important)

What is being redirected?

Redirects, in this case, mean redirecting individual pages, such as product, product group, or other pages, to a new address.


  • The address of the product page before the transfer is

  • After the transfer, the address of the product page will be

The bolded part at the end is the URL address of the individual page. It will change when the e-commerce platform changes.

Why redirect?

For example, the product mentioned above might be well featured on Google, and you will get a lot of traffic to your shop (=sales).

If the page address changes and is not redirected, the visitor will see an error message "Page not found." Next, the visitor returns to Google and probably finds your competitor's online store. This is why it is essential that the links on Google still function once the store has moved to another platform.

In addition to Google, the same applies to other sites that link to your site and social networking sites such as Facebook. If redirects are not done, this visibility that may have been built up over the years will disappear at a stroke.

Importing data

You can import your data using CSV files. Instructions here: CSV import and export.

Order data

Unfortunately, orders cannot be imported from the old platform Finqu.

However, please remember to download the order data to your device from the old platform and keep it in a safe place before you terminate your contract with them. You may need the old order data later, for example, for customer service or accounting purposes.

Store layout and content pages

  • You can find instructions on changing your online shop's layout in the Customizing the Theme guide.

  • Follow the Editing pages guide to add individual pages (e.g., Contact Us or About Us).

  • You can edit your online shop's terms and conditions text (terms of delivery/privacy policy) in Settings > Terms.

Third-party services

In addition to the online shop itself, it is useful to know whether you can use all the same external services on Finqu as on the old platform. These include payment services, transport services, Google or Facebook connections. This will likely be okay, as Finqu's app store contains several apps allowing you to use third-party services in your online store.

Testing your online store

Once your new store is ready to launch, it's worth making a few test purchases to ensure it works how you want it to.

You can read more about publishing here: Publishing the online store.

Domain name

The final step in the transfer is to point the domain name to the new store. You can transfer your domain name to Finqu by following the Transferring a domain to Finqu article. Or, if you want to keep your current domain name provider, you can also Redirect a domain name hosted elsewhere.

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