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Redirecting a domain name hosted elsewhere
Redirecting a domain name hosted elsewhere

Here's how you can use a domain name that's hosted elsewhere as your online store's address.

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Note: This guide only applies to domains hosted elsewhere.

How to use a domain hosted elsewhere

  1. Go to Online Store > Settings > Domain: Edit.

  2. Click on Domain redirection.

  3. Enter the address in the field (for example

  4. On the page, you will see a Required Name Service Changes section. Take note of the instructions there. You can use them to redirect the domain name to your store. Your domain administrator will provide further guidance if necessary.

  5. Click Confirm.

Redirecting the root address

A domain name hosted elsewhere is redirected using a CNAME record that you can get by following the steps above. When a domain is not maintained in Finqu, the address will always start with www or some other prefix (for example,

The root address can also be redirected, but this should be done with the help of your domain administrator. Finqu cannot provide an A record for this kind of redirection.

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