Sending emails to customers

Order page includes a feature that allows you to manually send emails to the customer if that's necessary.

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Messages in the online store

The online store sends automatic messages to the customer. Still, sometimes it may be necessary to send a special message if, for example, there is an exception in the processing of an order.

For instructions on customizing the automatic messages in the online shop, see the article Online store's emails.

Sending a message manually

You can also send a message manually via the order page if necessary:

  1. Go to Sales and open an order.

  2. Click on the New message button.

  3. Choose a template for the message. You can choose from automated messages such as Order Confirmation, or if you want a blank template, select the option Message related to order. That template will only contain the greeting (Hello customer first name) and your written message.

  4. Next, type the message. If you wish, you can preview the message by clicking the Preview button.

  5. When the message is ready, click Send.

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