Custom messages

In addition to the predefined emails in the online store, you can create your own messages that you can use to send additional information.

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Custom messages are available in Pro and Plus packages. See pricing.

Adding custom emails

  1. Click Add message.

  2. Enter a name for the message and select the message template.
    You can choose one of the default messages (e.g. order received) or "message related to the order", which is a blank template and suitable for most situations.

  3. Click Confirm.

  4. Adjust the settings of the message.

  5. Click Save.

The settings for custom messages are the same as for other messages. You can read more about message settings in the Online store's emails article.

Message delivery settings

Under Message delivery settings, you can specify when a message is sent to your customers. For example, if you select Received as the status, Order as the type, and Finland as the country, the message will be sent to Finnish customers as soon as the order is confirmed. Several other restrictions are also available, such as product or product group restrictions.

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