Here's how you can create product feeds for external services such as Google or Meta.

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Ready-to-use feeds

Finqu provides ready-to-use feeds for the following services:

  • Hintaseuranta

    • Hintaseuranta is a Finnish price comparison website.

    • You can find Hintaseuranta's instructions here (in Finnish): Kauppiasinfo

Adding a feed

  1. Click on Add Feed from the top right.

  2. Select one of the predefined feeds or import your own.

  3. Set the configuration for the feed (language, currency, country)

  4. Click Confirm.

Building the feed

Once you have added a feed, the next step is to build it. To build a feed, click on the Build button.

Depending on the number of products, it may take a few minutes to build the feed. When the build is complete, the status of the feed will be displayed as Complete.

Copying the feed link

In order to add a feed, for example, to the Google Shopping Center, you need a link to your feed. To create a link, click on the three dots next to the feed and select Shareable link.

Then click the Copy Link button.

Feed settings

It is possible to edit your feed settings afterward in case you accidentally chose the wrong language or currency for your feed. To edit the settings, click on the three dots and then Settings.

Remember to update the feed after you have edited the settings

Editing the feed

Feeds can also be edited by clicking the Edit button in the menu. Feed editing is not available in all Finqu subscriptions, and it might ask you to upgrade your subscription.

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