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Automatic emails in the online store
Automatic emails in the online store

The online store automatically sends messages to your customers, such as an order confirmation. Here's how you can customize the messages.

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How to edit messages?

  • In the section Online store > Settings > Purchasing > Messages: Edit, you can choose which messages the online store sends to your customers.

  • For each message, there is a checkbox where you can choose whether or not to enable the message.

  • To see the settings of the message, click on the message name. The chapter below contains information about these settings.

Message settings

  • In the Message Content section, you can preview the message and edit its translations and source code. For more information on editing the source code, please refer to the Finqu documentation:

  • In the Attachments section, you can attach PDF files to your email.

  • In the Prints section, you can attach printouts, such as an invoice or receipt, to the message.

  • You can specify when the message is sent in the Message delivery settings section. From there, you can also subscribe to receive a copy of the message.

Custom messages

Finqu Pro and Plus packages include a Custom Messages feature, allowing you to create custom messages for your customers. More detailed instructions here: Custom messages.

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