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Editing printouts
Editing printouts

Learn how to edit printouts, such as a receipt or invoice.

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About Prints

You can manage your prints in Online Store > Settings > Purchasing > Prints: Edit. These following prints are included by default:

  • Receipt

  • Invoice

  • Packing list

  • Delivery packing list (contains only products from a specific delivery)

  • Credit note (for returns)

  • Return form

The Preview link will show you what the printout will look like. Please note that the preview only shows sample data. If you want to see the printout with your data, you can make a test purchase and create a printout from the order data.

Editing Printouts

Modifying Texts in Printouts

You can easily edit the text in your printouts. Just click the Translate button at the top of the Printouts page. This will show you the default texts in the printout. Remember, some information is automatically pulled from other sources, like your company's contact details.

Making Other Changes to Printouts

Want to customize your printouts further? Dive into the source code by clicking the Edit button. Here's what you can do:

  • Change the font styles in the printout.

  • Rearrange elements within the printout.

  • Remove unwanted parts from the printout.

  • Tweak the header and footer of the printout.

Editing through the source code offers extensive customization options, but it does require some knowledge of programming.

If you're not comfortable with programming, it's a good idea to seek help from a professional programmer. And if you're unable to edit the code or find someone to do it, don't hesitate to contact Finqu's customer service. They might be able to make some small changes for you, although this could come with an extra charge.

Custom Prints

If your subscription includes the My Prints and Messages feature, you can create custom prints by clicking the Add Print button. Next, enter a name for the printout and select a template. Once you have added a new printout, it will appear in the list, and you can edit it by clicking on its name.

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