Enabling newer automated emails

Instructions for enabling newer automated emails in your online store.

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Enabling new messages

If you started using Finqu before November 2021, you might have older message templates in the online store. If you wish, you can update them as follows:

  1. You will see a blue message at the top of the page if you have old messages.

  2. To enable the new ones, click the Activate button in the notification.

It is possible to return old messages if the new ones are unsuitable for you. After enabling the new messages, a Revert function will appear on the page.

Editing new messages

It is possible to tailor new messages to suit your needs better. When you open a message, you should see a Translate button to edit the standard texts of the message and an Edit button to edit the message's source code.

The source code of messages uses the MJML markup language. Instructions for editing the message source code can also be found on the Finqu Developers website.

How are the new messages sent?

For new messages, the sending of messages is based on order events (order received / order processed) and not only on the order status as before. Of course, as with the old messages, you can also set additional restrictions on how messages are sent; for example, the order must contain a specific product or delivery method.

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