Product filters

Filters allow your customers to find products based on certain information, such as size or availability.

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Creating filters

You can create filters as follows:

  1. Click Add Filter.

  2. Enter a name for the filter.

  3. Select the filters from the Add menu.

  4. Rearrange filters by dragging them, if necessary.

  5. Click Save.

Using filters in all product groups

You can select one of your filters as the default filter. The default filter will appear in all product groups in the online store if no filter is specifically chosen for that group.

You can select the default filter from Online Store> Navigation. Open the filter you want to use as default, switch on the Default setting and save the settings.

Choosing a specific filter for a product group

In the settings for each product group, there is an option where you can choose which filter the product group uses. To find the settings, go to Products > Product groups. Then find the product group you want and click on the Edit link under it.

If you want some product groups to have no filters, make sure that none of the filters has the default setting switched on. In that case, filters will only appear if you select them in the product groups' settings.

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