Product bundles

Product bundles allow you to sell several products to your customers at one fixed price.

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Adding a product bundle

  1. Go to Products.

  2. Fill in the details of the product bundle and add the products you want to include in the Products of the product bundle section.

  3. Click Save.

Adding products to a bundle

You can add products to a bundle using the search function in the Products of the product bundle section of the product bundle. If the product has options (size/color), you can select them in advance or let the customer choose the option they want.

Once you have added a product to a package, it will appear under the search bar. Next, you can set the stock quantity in the Amount field (how many units of the product are included in the package).

Product bundle's stock value

A product bundle does not have its own stock value. It tracks the stock quantities of the products it contains. If any included products are out of stock, the bundle cannot be purchased (unless you have allowed it in the Stock settings).

Bundle's visibility in the online store

Like all other products, product bundles are displayed in the product groups to which they are linked. You can also create a separate product group for bundles if you wish.

You can also link together a bundle and its products so that the online store displays the related products at the bottom of the product page. This linking can be done in the Cross-selling section on the product page.

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