Digital products

With digital products, you can sell files, such as images, videos or PDF files to your customers.

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How to add digital products

  1. Go to Products.

  2. Click Add > Add digital product.

  3. Upload the files to the product and fill in the other product details.

  4. Click the Save button.

The digital product will appear in the online store in the same way as physical products. Once the customer has purchased the product, they will receive an email with a link to download the product.

Expiry date and download times of a digital product

In the product details, you can specify how many days the download link is valid and how many times the customer can download the product.

File types and maximum file sizes

Supported file types:

  • gif, jpeg, png, svg, xml, tiff, vnd, wbmp, webp, icon, bmp

  • mp4, mj2, mpeg, ogg, quicktime, webm, m4v, flv, matroska, asf, wmv, vm

  • txt, html, css, csv, json, pfd, zip, doc, openxml, xls, ppt

  • mp3, wav, acc, ogg, flac, midi, wma, matroska

Maximum size of a single file is 50 gigabytes.

Limited storage capacity for digital products depends on the package, see Finqu pricing.

Digital downloads message

Customers who have purchased a digital product will receive an email with links to download the products to their device. If the customer has purchased several digital products, all links will be sent in the same message.

If you wish, you can edit the text of the message as follows:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click on Messages: Edit.

  3. Click on the Digital downloads message.

  4. Click on the Translate button.

  5. Select the language from the menu at the top, make changes to the texts and click Save.

You can also edit the message more extensively, but it requires some coding skills. The Edit button in the message details gives access to the message's source code. On the Finqu Developers website you can find more detailed instructions on how to edit the source code of messages.

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