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Delivery apps

You can add the most common delivery methods by using an app. You can find instructions for using apps in the Using apps article.

When you've installed an app, you can continue installing shipping methods by following the steps below.

Notice also, that it's not always necessary to use a delivery app if you cannot find a suitable app. You can use own shipping methods instead (see instructions below).

How to add a shipping method

First, install the shipping app you want to use. When the app is installed, you can add the shipping method by following these steps:

  1. Click Add shipping method

  2. Choose the shipping method that you want to use.

  3. Fill in the details and click Save

Shipping fees and restrictions

You can find information about setting up shipping fees from the Setting up shipping rates article.
If necessary, you can also restrict shipping methods

Own shipping methods

If necessary, you can add your own shipping methods that don't require a shipping app. In your own shipping method, you can add any name, logo, and description to it.

For example, you could offer your customers an option to pick up the order from your place of business.

Adding your own shipping method

Go to Settings > Shipping methods > Add shipping method and there choose Own shipping method. After that, fill in the details and click Save

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