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Using dynamic shipping costs
Using dynamic shipping costs

The dynamic pricing of delivery costs calculates the costs based on the weights and dimensions of the ordered products.

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What do dynamic shipping costs mean?

Dynamic shipping pricing helps you to define your delivery costs more accurately. Based on the dimensions and weights of the products, it estimates how the products can be packaged and what delivery costs will be charged to the customer.

There is also a simpler way to price deliveries (fixed delivery fees or based solely on weight). You can find instructions here: Setting delivery costs

Products delivery information

To use dynamic pricing, the shipping details (weight, dimensions, packaging method) for each product must be set as follows:

  1. Go to the Products section.

  2. Click on the product's name to open the product details.

  3. In the product information, there is a Shipping section where you can:

    a. Set the weight and dimensions of the product.
    b. Set more specific shipping information, such as whether the product can be stacked on top of each other or whether the product should be transported in a certain position. You should review the shipping section and complete the information you might need for shipping.

  4. Once you have added the information, click Save.

Settings up dynamic pricing in the shipping method

  1. Open the delivery method's settings.

  2. Select Dynamic pricing in the Pricing section).

  • Once you have enabled the dynamic pricing, you can first set the minimum price that will be charged in the Shipping base price section.

  • In the Multi-parcel shipping field, you can set the additional price that will be charged if the products are sent in several packages.

Adding parcels

Dynamic pricing needs the details of the parcels you use to ship the products.

  • You can add new packages by clicking on the Add Parcel link in the Parcels method.

  • If you have already added the same packages before in another delivery method, you can click on the Copy link.

Parcel details

  • Name

  • Type of the parcel (letter / parcel / custom parcel).

    • A Custom package is selected if a product cannot be packed in the same box as other products. Note: Remember to select Custom Package also in the product's details.

  • The parcel's dimensions (width, height, thickness of the packaging material)

  • Maximum weight. If the maximum weight is exceeded, the system will "pack" the products in more than one parcel or use another delivery method.

  • Weight when empty, i.e., what the package itself weighs.

  • Under Pricing, you can price the package on a fixed rate or a weight basis.

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