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Editing customers' details
Editing customers' details

In the Customers section, you can, for example, edit your customers' contact details or attach customers to customer groups.

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Editing customer's information

  1. Go to Customers.

  2. Find and open the customer's details.

  3. Edit the information and click Save.

Customer details

  • In the Basic Information section, you can edit basic information (name, address, city, postcode, country, email address, and phone number). If the customer has a company, you can fill in the Company details (company name, business ID, and VAT number).

  • In the Additional Information section, you can edit the customer number, language, and currency of the customer and choose whether the customer has given marketing permission (e.g., to receive newsletters).

  • In the Login section, you will see the customer's username, and if necessary, you can send the customer instructions on how to change the password. See the Customer's username and password article for more information on customer usernames and passwords.

  • In the Linked customer accounts section, you can link customer accounts, which is helpful if a customer has several accounts in the same shop.

  • In the Customer Groups section, you can link customers to customer groups.

Linking customers

You can link the accounts together if a customer has multiple accounts in the store. Of course, before doing that, contacting the customer about linking accounts is a good idea.

  1. Go to Customers

  2. Find and open one of the customer accounts to link.

  3. In the Linked Customer Accounts section, click the Link Customer Account button.

  4. Find and select one of the customer accounts you want to link.

  5. Click Confirm.

Once you have linked the accounts, the contact information will be synchronized between the two accounts when the data is updated.

Transferring orders from one customer to another

Sometimes it may be necessary to transfer an order to another customer account. For example, if a customer has two customer accounts in the store and wants all orders under the same account.

  1. Go to Customers.

  2. Find and open the customer account (from which you want to transfer the order).

  3. Click on Orders.

  4. Click on the order number to open the order.

  5. In the Customer section, click on Attach a customer link.

  6. Find and select the customer account (to which you want to transfer the order).

  7. Repeat the above steps for each order you want to transfer.

Before transferring your customer's orders to the new account, please verify that the person is who they are saying they are. For example, if there is an email or phone number in the customer's old account, you can use it to send a message or call the customer.

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