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Customer's username and password
Customer's username and password

Learn how to help your customers with their login problems.

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Customer's username

Customer's username is the email address they provided when registering for a customer account with the store. You can see the customer username as follows:

  1. Go to Customers.

  2. Open customer's details.

  3. You will see the username on the Login section of the page.

Please note that the username sometimes differs from the customer's email address. The username is always displayed in the Login section of the customer information.

Changing the username

The username cannot be edited, but if the customer wants to change it, you can do so as follows.

  1. Ask the customer to register a new account in the store with a new username. You can also create a new account for the customer by going to Customers > Add customer.

  2. Once the new account is created, you can transfer old orders to the new account.

Before transferring your customer's orders to the new account, please ensure it's the same customer with the new account. For example, if there is an email or phone number in the customer's old account, you can use it to send a message/call.

Changing the password

Sometimes customers may ask you to change their password. For security reasons, you cannot change customers' passwords on their behalf, but you can do the following instead.

  • Ask the customer to change their password using the Forgot Password feature on the online store's login page.

  • Send password change instructions to the customer by email. You can do this in the Login section of the customer's account.

If the customer reports that they have yet to receive instructions to change their password, you should ask them to check their email spam folder. It may be that the customer's email server has mistakenly marked the message as spam.

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