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In addition to the online store's default messages, you can create your own custom messages. For example, if a customer buys a certain product, you can automatically send a user manual in a separate email.

Notice. Own messages are available only in Pro- and Plus- subscriptions, see Finqu pricing for more information.

How to add an own message

You can add a new message by following these steps:

  1. Click Add a message

  2. Write a name for the message and choose a message template.You can choose one of the default messages (e.g., order confirmation) or choose Message related to order which is an empty template, and suitable for most situations.

  3. Click Confirm

  4. Fill in the message's settings.

  5. Click Save

The own message's settings are the same as they are in default messages. You can read more about message settings in the Automated emails article.

Automatic sending and its restrictions

In the section Message delivery settings, you can define when the message is sent to your customers. It's important to carefully edit these settings if you want the message to be sent only under the right circumstances.

For example, if you choose Received as the status, Order as the type, and Finland as the country, the message is sent to Finnish customers right after placing the order. There are also various other restrictions available, such as product or product group restrictions.

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