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Learn how to edit cookie settings in your online store.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text snippets stored on the user's device by the online store or third-party services.

They are used for several purposes, including:

  • The basic functionality of the online store, e.g., the shopping cart

  • E-commerce analytics

  • Targeting Facebook or Google ads to site visitors.

In Finland as well as in many other countries, using cookies other than strictly necessary ones requires the consent of the person visiting the website.

Cookie notification in the online store

In the online store, a cookie notification is displayed at the bottom of the page, where customers can choose which cookies they accept. It works as follows:

  • When a user visits the website for the first time, only the necessary cookies are stored on their device.

  • Then the user will see a notification at the bottom of the page where they can choose whether to accept all cookies or only the necessary cookies.

Later, the user can change the settings and decide not to accept all cookies. The customer can access the cookie settings by clicking on the cookie link at the bottom of the page.

Necessary and non-necessary cookies

By default, the online store only adds necessary cookies to the user's device, such as cookies that maintain the contents of the shopping cart or the user's language selection. Other cookies, such as those used by analytics, are not necessary for the online store to function.

Modifying the cookie policy

If you wish, you can change how the online store handles cookies.

  1. Go to Online store > Settings > Analytics.

  2. Choose the appropriate cookie policy from the Cookie policy menu.

  3. Click Save.

Custom scripts and cookies

There is a section in Finqu's administration where you can add custom scripts to the store (Online store > Settings > Others > Snippets: Edit). These scripts can also be used to connect external services to the online store, and those services may use cookies.

When adding scripts to the store, you can choose the type of script (Necessary for the functionality of the store, Marketing, Analytics, or Other).

  • If you choose Necessary for the functionality of the store, then the script will always work in your store, regardless of the visitor's cookie choice.

  • If you select any other option, the script will only work if the customer accepts all cookies.

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