Writing blog articles

You can write blog articles in your online store to tell your customers, for example, about latest updates or tips for using products.

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Writing articles

  1. Click Add Article.

  2. Fill in the article content and settings.

  3. Click Save.

Adding a blog link to the navigation

You can add a link to your blog in your online store's navigation to make it easier for your customers to find it. You can edit the navigation from Online Store > Navigation > Choose navigation. For more detailed instructions on customizing your navigation, see the article on Online store's navigations.

Settings for commenting

You can decide whether users can comment on your articles. And if commenting is allowed, you can specify whether or not comments are published automatically.

First, go to Top right corner menu > Global Settings > Blogs: Edit. Click on the name of the blog in the list to see the following settings:

  • Only registered customers can comment (yes/no)

  • Approve comments automatically (yes/no)

  • Commenting is enabled (yes/no)

The last two settings are also in each blog article (under Online Store > Blog). There you can choose how commenting works for individual articles.

Managing blogs in multiple online stores

If you have several online stores on your Finqu account and you don't want to use the same blog for all of them, you can create several blogs as follows:

Once a blog has been created, it will appear on the page. On the right side of the page, there is a default option to choose which blog is enabled by default. To select a specific blog for a particular sales channel, go to the sales channel's Online Store > Settings section. You will find a Blog section to determine which blog is shown in your online store.

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