Advanced inventory management

Information and instructions for Finqu's advanced inventory management feature.

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What is advanced inventory management?

The advanced inventory management feature makes managing your product inventory data easier, especially when your online store has hundreds or thousands of products. You can easily view product balances on a single page, take inventory, replenish balances, or track stock history.

Activating and the cost of advanced inventory management

You can enable advanced inventory management by going to Products > Inventory and then clicking, for example, on the Inventory button.

Usually, advanced inventory management is an extra chargeable feature (see pricing), but it may be included in some older Finqu subscriptions at no additional cost.

Setting a stock value for a product

You can add a stock value to a product as follows:

  1. Go to Products > Inventory.

  2. Click on the Open balance button.

  3. Find the product.

  4. Enter the stock balance for the product.

  5. Click the Save button.

Editing the stock information of products

In advanced inventory management, you can edit the following stock information:

  • Quantity

  • Alert quantity

  • Tax-free purchase price

  • Inventory price

  • Shelf number

Data can be edited either one by one or in bulk.

Editing stock data one-by-one

  1. Go to Products > Inventory.

  2. Find the desired product and click on the product's name.

  3. Edit the information on the page and click the Save button.

Edit stock information in bulk

  1. Go to Products > Stock.

  2. Filter the products if necessary using the Filters menu at the top.

  3. In the top right corner of the product list, there is a Change button where you can choose which information to edit.

  4. Enter the changes to the products.

  5. Click Save.


When new products arrive in your stock, you can add them to the stock using the Replenish function. You can find it by going to Products > Inventory and then clicking the Add button at the top of the page. You can also use the barcode reader to replenish your stock if you have entered GTINs, or EAN codes, for your products.

Taking inventory

Under Products > Inventory > Inventory, you can take an inventory of your products. All changes made during the inventory are automatically saved in the product's inventory history, where you can easily check when the product was last inventoried.

Inventory history

Finqu automatically collects inventory history on your products based on orders or how the products' balances have been modified. You can view the inventory history of a product as follows:

  1. Go to Products > Inventory.

  2. Find the product and click on its name.

  3. You will see the product's Action log and Order history on the page.

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