Inventory list

An inventory list is a simple list of all your products in stock, which can be helpful in the stocktaking process.

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About the inventory list

You can print the inventory list if you want to use a paper list when you take inventory of products. The list contains a list of products and a field where you can enter the stock balance. It also shows the barcodes of the products if GTIN codes have been added to the products.

Inventory list's availability

The Inventory List is part of Advanced Inventory Management, a feature that can be ordered separately. More information is in the price list.

Creating an inventory list

  1. Go to Analytics-section.

  2. Select Inventory List from the Select report type menu.

  3. Select the report type (HTML/CSV).

  4. Select the inventory from which the inventory list will be generated.

  5. Select the Stocktaken time from the Inventory menu. The list will only include items that were inventoried before the time you selected.

  6. Select restrictions (product category, manufacturer, supplier) if necessary.

  7. Choose a sorting of the products in the list and the direction of the order.

  8. Click Create Report.

You will be notified when the report is ready, and you can download it by clicking on the Download link.

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